Building Demolition Edmonton.

Building Demolition Edmonton

So you have a building that needs to be demolished in whole or in part, well you’ve landed in the right spot. Some people have been lead to believe that bigger is better but that just isn’t true. Have you read about the trouble some of these large demolition companies have gotten themselves into lately? So don’t believe the rhetoric when it comes to demolition, bigger isn’t better rather smarter is safer!

At ProWerx we have nine years of experience as a company doing specific and non-specific building demolition and our staff have a combined experience base far beyond our company’s existence with zero lost days to safety. Bottom line is that we are Safe! So rest assured we don’t walk around with our shirts off pounding our chests like those guys on TV rather we have a team of trained professionals who will properly assess your site, provide you a thorough evaluation of the scope of work required, a prompt quote and a site that has your building removed in whole or in part in a safe, efficient and professional manner. Contact us for your Free Quote today!

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